Friday, April 06, 2007

Video game idea

Don't know what influenced my thinking about this -- the "Grindhouse" film or playing the retro "Metal Slug Anthology" games.

Okay, say I'm Rockstar Games, or Midway, or somesich. A game programmer with some disposable income.

Snap up licenses to a bunch of different films - horror, kung-fu, action, etc. Then just develop some 2D games - racers, shooters, fighters, etc. Call the whole game collection "Cineplex" or something.

"Death Race 2000" - A racing game akin to Roadblasters, where the goal is to specifically run over as many pedestrians as possible, while also coming in first in the race and/or destroying your competition.

"Danger: Diabolik" - A Metal Slug themed side-scrolling game where Diabolik has to defeat the evil Vollin while stealing stuff.

"Fearless Fighters" - A Street Fighter II/ Samurai Shodown style fighter.

"Black Belt Jones" - A Double Dragon style game.

Any observations on some games that might make the cut?

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