Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The SGM Super 30 Video Game #29

Fallout (1997)

I hadn't played this game, so I got this write-up from the good Rev. Joshua:

"Fallout and its' sequel, Fallout 2, was as advanced an RPG as you could find at the time. Set in a post-apocalyptic dystopia, you are in total control of your character's destiny from the moment you leave your home and venture out into the wastelands. Nothing is linear: you have to save your people; what you do to the rest of the world is up to you. Save towns or leave them to die. Get what you need and go or put the bad guys out of business. Both games have multiple conclusions based on what towns you rescued and what towns you leave to rot. There's a great feel to the design of world itself in the mock-1950's style advertising, as well as the video that starts the game.

Damn, now I want to play this. My first impression, by the screenshots, was that it's very similar to Diablo, which isn't a bad thing in itself. But the added decision-based changes to gameplay - a very attractive feature in some of the more recent games that are out there - seals the deal. Good luck finding a copy of it, though.

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