Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Lemmings Revolution PC game

[I was with Nate when I bought this PC game based on what he heard. The game is simplistic as far as graphics are concerned but it is really fun. If you like puzzle games check this out. It cost around 5 dollars and I think we were at Best Buy. ]

[Is there a prequel or sequel to this game? I noticed it has a little story prior to beginning of the game and I did not know if it was just a continuation of a story from a previous game. Are there any PC games any of you recommend at the moment? ]

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Nate said...

I still stand by Zoo Tycoon here lately. I've got a nice little set-up, with dinosaurs and a nice little sea park, and occasionally the elephants stampede through the park, but that's part of what keeps 'em coming back.

And Lemmings Revolution, I found out, is a sequel to Lemmings, which it probably so old that it's no longer supported by any current game or PC systems. I think it was available on the Commodore 64 at some point in the past, if that tells you anything.