Sunday, April 29, 2007

The SGM Super 30: Video Game #21

Sonic The Hedgehog 2

This is my favorite of the Sonic franchise, and it has nothing to do with Miles "Tails" Prower. And really, what's the point of bothering with a full name if you're only ever going to refer to the character by his nickname? It's like calling Sonic, Charlie "Sonic" Wilson.

The Spin Attack is what elevates this one, the revving-up attack that made its series debut in this game. Plus, that Casino Night zone was a big inspiration for that Sonic Spinball that I couldn't play well to save my freakin' life. Everytime I play that level, I can easily nab thousands of gold rings on that level alone.

Here's a site with maps of the zones that you play through in Sonic 2. At the end of every level, you advance by jumping on a lever that will release all of these little woodland creatures from a cage. It's never made exactly clear what Dr. Robotnik's evil plan is, that it requires the imprisonment of rabbits, squirrels and chipmunks. But, we are talking about a game involving a blue hedgehog in red sneakers, so never mind me.

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