Thursday, May 17, 2007

Fearless Prediction

In case you were wondering what I thought about the GOP nominee for 2008.

Fred Thompson.

Write it down. Fred Thompson.

The man will beat Guiliani and McCain because he is simply a better communicator than the other two. He is saying things on his radio "report" (which can be found
here) that are direct and clear. He knows how to use new technology better than the other candidates and seems to have more to say than they do. He also has experience in DC dating back to Watergate and a term and a half as a US Senator. This is not a mere actor playing the role of a politician.

Also, be on the look out for Ron Paul. This guy is a whackjob of the first order. He is a Congressman from Texas who is trying to run as a devout libertarian and assume the "Reagan Legacy." He is this year's Howard Dean. He has about 5 people sitting in a warehouse in Texas trying to drive up Internet traffic and e-mailing everyone who criticizes him. The man couldn't lead a 4-H club to the county fair, much less the free world.

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Rev. Joshua said...

What is it with your party and actors-turned-politicians? Fred Thompson:GOP Prez nom::Chinaman:Hell.

The GOP nominee is either going to be Mitt Romney or Rudy Guiliani. Romney will win if the Religious Right can get past Romney's Mormonism. If they can't get past it, then Rudy wins, unless Rudy has a major mental meltdown on the campaign trail. (Some people familiar with Rudy's tenure as NYC mayor seem to predict the meltdown.)