Saturday, May 26, 2007

SGM Super 30: Video Game #13

Kung Fu Master

For a kung fu "master," our hero's offensive and defensive repertoire is pretty damn limited: A kick, a punch, a jumping kick and a jumping punch, and that's about it.

You are the Kung Fu Master, who embarks on this mission to save your kidnapped girlfriend. Really, the tendency to become a kidnap victim really highlights the weakness of the female gender in videogames. But she's trapped in a tower, and you get to rescue her. Kung fu goons attack you as you progress on each floor; you punch and kick them away, and if the goons come two at a time, a jump kick will disperse them effeciently. If the goons catch you, they hump you until you lose precious fighting energy. A knife thrower shows up from time to time to test your skills. At the end of each floor is a "boss" character:

The first floor - A stick fighter;
The second floor - A boomerang thrower;
The third floor - A giant;
The fourth floor - A wizard that has a tendency to disappear, or form doubles to confound you;
The fifth floor - Another kung-fu master (which means another guy proficient in punch-kick-jump kick fighting skills).

The format of the game is influenced by the Bruce Lee film, "Game of Death." This film was partly finished before Lee took a break to film "Enter the Dragon." Before "Dragon" was released, and therefore before "Game" was finished being filmed, Lee dropped dead. This part, of course, is not reflected in the game "Kung Fu Master."

While not the greatest side-scrolling fighting game, it was pretty damn influential.

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