Wednesday, May 23, 2007

666th POST! WOO HOO!

Seriously, that's awesome, so let's start this off with a link to this: a quickly penned rant about Jerry Falwell and religion. (CAUTION: POTENTIALLY OFFENSIVE)

That fat, racist, misogynist, homophobic, knuckledragging, mouthbreathing fuck is still dead and I'm still happy about it.

(The essay is archived as-is in the format of the original site in case anyone is wondering if I redesigned the Multimedia Empire; the only working link is to the cleaned up, expanded version of the essay.)
I went to NYC. It was awesome. I took pictures. They are not so awesome. I don't understand cameras all that well.

Raw photos.
Selected shots edited to look better.
I like the new banner. That thing creeps me out and I was literally relieved to find out that was a hoax. Also, I received the WKRP in Cincinnati DVDs today. Watched the two-part pilot. Better than I remembered, to be honest. I can't believe Ron B. hated on it. It's neat receiving mail someone addressed to SGM Research Laboratories.
"SGM: Putting the OG in blog." I bet some cocksucker is already using that tagline. Fuck 'em. It's ours now.
Oddly enough, That Other Site is not dead yet.


Ron said...

I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed your Flickr site just because you have the old SF Magazine archives on there. Man, what memories. Looking through the NYC pics now.

Nate said...

I really liked the pics. Tell Palumbo to get that album out, stat.