Sunday, May 20, 2007

SGM Super 30: Video Game #15

Metal Slug

War is hell. But war against a Neo-fascist regime conspiring with a combination outer space slash occult force that's determined to dominate mankind? That's just double-hell.

Side scrolling? Check. Moderate platforming? Check. Rescuing hostages? Check. Assorted weaponry, like shotguns, flamethrowers, and missle launchers? Check and check. What the hell is this, Contra?

To me, Metal Slug had the most personality of all the stand-up arcade shooters that were out there. Chief among its appeal was the ability to command armored mobile weaponry, from your everyday tanks, to camels and elephants, to this weird subway spider thing that launched an electrified harpoon into your enemies. The bosses almost assured that you would be spending at least one life per round; the thing that I always thought sucked is that you only saved the hostages you rescued if you survived all the way through the game, losing no life at all ... damn near impossible, even on "easy" during the first scene.

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