Tuesday, May 29, 2007

[TV] Best TV show title ... ever

If you can honestly bypass a show called, "101 More Things Removed From The Human Body," you are not human.

It's a documentary I saw on TLC tonight; it showed some pretty gnarly shit being surgically removed from people's abdomens, faces, and appendages. Some of the more fun, and graphic, stuff was a javelin from a chick's foot, a 132 abdominal hernia, and a blinking LED light that is visible to the naked eye when looking at the child's stomach in which it's resting.

But during the show, a counter lists other items, but doesn't cover these. Therefore, the show loses points because it glosses over some of the more interesting potential entries, like "a massager," "hand grenade," and "unicycle."

Of course, this makes me recall a ghastly thing I saw on a surgery show once, where a roofer fell off a house and was impaled through the ass on some shrubbery. I mean, the shrub trunk went right up dude's ass. Woof.

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