Friday, June 01, 2007

Game systems

Ok, what game systems do you currently have?

I have a PS2 and a Gamecube. I never play the Gamecube. I do enjoy the PS2 and I am playing God of War 2 as we speak. I am also excited that the WWE 2008 game will be available for the PS2. My question is what system is the best? I have played a Wii and I really want one. They are interactive and puts you more into the game. Do any of you have a PS3 and if so, is it worth the price tag???

Just curious.


Rev. Joshua said...

EA stopped releasing the college football games on the Cube, so I needed an XBox. I traded the Cube and all the games I had for an Xbox, an extra wireless controller and NCAA 07. The wireless controller sucked, which was unfortunate and there aren't a lot of games released for it anymore (and the ones that were turned out to be really shitty compared to the X360 counterparts), but EA is releasing NCAA 08 on it, so yay!

The only next-gen system I've played is the X360, which my brother-in-law owns. It's a solid system, well worth the money. Gears of War, Crackdown, and Saint's Row are the shit. I haven't gotten to play Dead Rising yet, but it's supposed to be bangin' too. (That reminds me, there's an X360 game called Condemned: Criminal Origins that was also released on PC that I think Nate would love the fuck out of.)

Having never played the PS3, I can't say if it is worth the money, but I have a hard time imagining any console being worth $600. Sure, it has a Blu-Ray drive and they tell you that you can watch Blu-Ray movies on it, but if I caught anyone watching movies on something I paid $600 to play video games on, I'd break their fucking fingers.

Nate said...

I have my PS2, which I'm a job raise away from completing my collection of games on. And, I still have my N64, on which I still make created wrestlers on No Mercy.

Ron said...

I'm a solid PS2 man myself. My games are limited to FIFA and some rentals. Played the new(er) Justice League game for it and beat it in 2 days, which really sucked.