Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Yeah, so I'm immature

So I'm in Kingsport at Books-A-Million...

enjoying the arrival of the Model City into the 1990s, and I see a guy who was used to chaperon band trips when I was in high school. He was named "Fred Smith" and his son was named "Freddie Smith." When some kids asked him who was the real "Fred Smith," he said "I'm the Real Deal Fred Smith." This was in the days a bit before Evander Holyfield, so this was kind of funny. So from that point on anytime we saw him we derisively yelled "The Real Deal Fred Smith."

About 18 years later, The Real Deal Fred Smith just walked through the coffee shop at Books-A-Million. Naturally, I said rather loudly, "The Real Deal!" The man jumped about a foot in the air and just looked at me.....and then moved on.


Nate said...

I love it. That's one of my favorite parts of going back to Newport; seeing people who I haven't seen in a long time, then bringing up stuff that they hadn't thought of in decades.

Rev. Joshua said...

That's one thing I hate about being back in Motown. Seeing someone I vaguely recognize and spending 10 minutes recalling who the hell they are only to realize that they suck. Fortunately I don't look anything like I did in the old days, so no one recognizes me.