Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Finally updated my Blogspot

"7 Trends In Hip-Hop I'd Like To See Die in 2008"

Peep it if that would be of interest to you.


Nate said...

I'm going to address this point by point, 'cause I read this when it got put up, and all kinds of thoughts popped in my head, so I figured I'd just brainstorm on each topic.

1) And the FIFTH element of hip hop is ....? Hm, hm??

2) I agree mostly on this topic, although there are two emcees that get a pass from me: Celph Titled and Freddie Foxxx - the ol' Bump-jigga-bump hisself.

3) Me, Will, and our respective spouses went to the Orange Peel a few years ago to see Jurassic 5. With about 25% of the show left, this pack of guys - maybe 4 or 5 - stepped out in front of us and started clearing out a circle for themselves. With sufficient space, they then started breakdancing ... headspins, helicopters, the lot.

The guy who's specialty was headspins was twirling around, and his foot totally tags this girl's hand. In the girl's hand was a cup of beer, and said girl was standing right in front of my wife. Beer totally covers my spouse, and we were both pissed. I regret to this day not grabbing his foot in mid-spin and kicking him square in the goddamn face.

4) Nothing beats just some lame logo t-shirt, regular jeans or shorts, and maybe or not socks. That's all you need to wear. If some girl's gonna get with you, she'll get with you in a silk shirt or a wifebeater with your name written on the collar. Pussy's pussy.

5) Damn, if I'd known that I coulda got $250 for putting "Burt Reynolds" on the first SGM mixtape ... I feel cheated, somehow, but I think I'll get over it.

6) If I was at a show and some dude said, "Put it on Track 7," I'd take my money back out of the MC's ass.

7) On a related note, I think it was Maxim's glossy toilet paper music rag that called KRS-ONE one of the worst lyricists of all time. Hm. Maybe Nas was right. Except that Blender has totally no cred when it comes to making a call like that.

And it's funny how a lot of emcees that Nas DEFINITELY wasn't talking about (cough, cough Ghost cough) didn't say a word. Says a lot, I thinks.

Nate said...

Oh, and where can I buy my tangible copy of "District Selectman?"

Jake Palumbo said...

Yeah, I'll give a pass to Celph Titled and Bumpy Knuckles too, cause they're at least bringing some good old-fashioned thugging to the table (actually both those guys are great mic thugs, who won't break kayfabe for a second...although in Freddie Foxx's case, it's not really kayfabe). It's rappers who can only rhyme about their rhyme skills that bug me.

As for District Selectman, Feb. 5 is the digital release date, the CD's will still be another 10-14 business days. The video card and/or motherboard of Ollie's computer, comntaining both the final masters of my album as well as the graphic files, took a shit literally days before we were to go off to press, thus proving it's truly impossible to make a release date. I got a new video card but it didn't fix the problem, so I'm gonna have to explore other options. It's fucking always something...

Anyway, the CD's will be going off to press within the next 7 days, and it should take about 5 business days to get them back (I'm not dealing w/ the Canadians this time). I'm setting up the PayPal store right now so anyone can order the record off the MySpace.