Saturday, January 26, 2008

WWF Royal Rumble 2008, this Sunday!

This actually looks like a good little PPV.

Ric Flair vs. MVP
Ric Flair will retire if he loses
I have been pleasantly surprised by MVP ever since he and Chris Benoit had what could have been easily a 5 star match at Wrestlemania 2007. If Flair brings his A+ game, and not his floppy titty sandbagging game, this could be a dark horse candidate for Match of the Year. Winner: Ric Flair

Chris Jericho vs. JBL
While I haven't been as attentive to WWF programming lately, I have caught bits of the Jericho/ Layfield feud as it's been building, including that swank hogtying and hanging segment. And I like the grudge match feel to it, in a time when some matches have the "grudge match" tag attached for no damn good reason. Good heat, good athletes, good in-ring storytellers, and nothing but the sky as the limit for these two since their returns. With both just coming back to the scene, it's hard to determine who'd get the duke, but I'm going to nudge Jericho due to his loss to Orton at the last PPV ... BUUUT, I'm guessing there'll be a DQ finish that will propel this feud to the next level, which will be ... hm, let's say a cage match. Winner: Chris Jericho

World Heavyweight Title: Edge (c) vs. Rey Misterio
Edge. Rey Rey's time as a champ is probably done. However, this will probably be a pretty good match, but I'm hoping that Edge doesn't pull out his current pussy patrol of his identical twins, Chavo and Vickie Guererro. Winner: Edge, to retain

WWF Title: Randy Orton (c) vs. Jeff Hardy
It's funny to look at Hardy's run in TNA, which alternated between the drizzling shits & pretty dynamic. Since his return to WWF, his motivation looks like it's sky high, and given Cena's absence & Vince's apparent love for face champs on Raw, I think Hardy pulls out all the stops and takes this one to the bank. From what I've seen out of Hardy in his recent run, I'll even go that extra step and say that they'd be pretty foolish NOT to put the title on Hardy, even if it's for the short term. Winner: Jeff Hardy

30 Man Royal Rumble Match
Confirmed participants: Batista; Shelton Benjamin; Big Daddy V; Carlito Caribbean Cool; Tommy Dreamer; Fit Finlay; Mick Foley(?); Mark Henry; Hardcore Holly; Hornswoggle; Kane; Ken Kennedy; The Great Khali; Santino Marella; Shawn Michaels; The Miz; John Morrison; Jamie Noble; Chuck Palumbo; Cody Rhodes; Snitsky; Triple H; Umaga; Undertaker.

Six open spots are available.

Oh, so many options, and so many dark horses, and so many open spots, and so much detritus. Batista will never have a problem getting into the number one contender spot, so he can afford to hit the floor. This goes also for Shawn Michaels, Triple H, and Undertaker. Shelton - no. Big Daddy V - no. Carlito - no. Dreamer - no. Finlay ... hmmm ... Foley - no, God no. Henry - no. Holly - ha ha ha. Hornswoggle - hell no. Kane - he's still here? Kennedy ... hmm ... Khali ... hmm ... Marella - no. Miz & Morrison, tag champs - why? Noble & Palumbo are too up each other. Rhodes - whatever. Snitsky - no. Umaga ... hmm ...

Okay, let's go back: Finlay - after his vicious ass brawl with Khali, including that incredible berserker rage beatdown at the end, I would love to see Finlay go to Wrestlemania, but based on how over Finlay is while attached to Hornswoggle he will probably get throwed out by Khali. I envision Khali getting the ol' multi-man heave-ho that was always reserved for Andre the Giant. At this point, I can't tell if they're (WWF, or "New York," if you prefer) still as high on Kenneth Kennedy as they used to be, considering his cost has far outweighed his benefit, but there's still potential there. And personally, Wrestlemania will be a no-brainer for me if Umaga should actually go on to fight for ... well, hell, any title. So, I'm saying, of the two, Kennedy would be more likely to win, to re-establish his luster as THE guy of this year. Winner: Kennedy (That's provided that none of the other six open spots are filled with sure things, like, say, CM Punk.)

Any thoughts, predictions?

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Nate said...

Remember this? "This actually looks like a good little PPV."

Yeah, well, I was wrong. Win some, lose some. From the top: I was right, only half right in guessing a DQ ending, right again, wrong (and horribly depressed for Hardy), and completely disappointed that #30 won ... now that it's happened for the first time ever, it's so ... anticlimatic.