Saturday, January 05, 2008

Kat Von D

Watching some ads for "LA Ink," something popped into my head.

I'm sure tattooed chicks have their place in the world, and within some reason there ain't nothing wrong with a girl with ink. Buuut ... something about seeing Kat Von D makes me think that, in person, she smells like a grandparent's attic, all musty, dusty, and stank, like that kinda smell that makes your lungs just say "hell nah" and go on strike until you can make it outside.


Rev. Joshua said...

To paraphrase Carlin, fifty years ago you got a tattoo to be different. Now you get a tattoo to be like everyone else.

I don't have anything against tattoos in the sense that I find them morally repugnant, but I usually find them aesthetically unpleasant and often of questionable meaning. For example, if you serve in a branch of the Armed Forces and have a tattoo related to that experience, that makes sense. But if you have random phrases, cartoon characters or god-awful trendy kanji characters, to me that's a sign of a clear mental deficiency.

And I say this with all due respect to Mad Scientists with tattoos, such as Palumbo having Palumbo tattooed on one of his forearms or Ron, who like all Florida students, alum, and fans, now has Hart and Henne tattooed on his ass.

Nate said...

Yeah, I'm captivated by the ads for "LA Ink" but not anywhere near enough to actually watch an episode, because those girls were probably pretty to look at before all the permanent head-to-toe inkwork. Now they just look scaggy.

My favorite of the new-wave chicks-w/-tattoos trend are the girls who have major tattooing and dress in vintage retro wardrobe, with beehives and 1920's one piece bathing suits. Two lousy tastes that taste lousy together.