Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Shower thought

Who's the tallest porn actress?

And interestingly, Google supplied me with an answer ... well, several, but one name keeps coming up, and that's Essy Moore, who's billed alternately as 6' to 6'2". Inconsistency?? In the porn industry?? A film industry that would probably try to cast Jenna Jameson in a "I Just Turned 18" themed spank film? Pshaw.

(Note: Link above is not safe for work ... actually, it's not safe for anybody.)


Rev. Joshua said...

Jenna Jameson went downhill in a hurry.

Nate said...

I remember when UFC gave away Ortiz/Shamrock III: The Do-Over, there was a cutaway shot to Jenna during Ortiz's victory interview, and I was extremely surprised at what a bulbous forehead she had on display.

Apparently, the worst was yet to come. She's scagged out in a way that you'd expect most pornstars would be, except multiplied by 10.

Ron said...

I remember her from the ECW show that she did and a stint on E as the annoying interview girl at Planet Hollywood or some such. My how skanky she has become. All these advances in medical technology and this is what people do with it.