Sunday, January 20, 2008

What movies in 2008 are you dying to see?

I am a movie and comic book nerd and want to know what movies are you dying to see this year?

I am ready to see the new "Indiana Jones" and "The Dark Knight". Those are the two I am really wanting to see. What are your thoughts?


Nate said...

Part of me wanted to see "Cloverfield," but with the revelation that the whale monster sketches that are all over the internet do not accurately reflect the actual monster design, I could take it or leave it.

I am desperate to check out two films that probably won't get out to theaters anywhere near me: "Teeth," about a chick w/ teeth in her jayjay, and "Machine Girl," about a kick-ass cyborg vigilante.

I'm really interested in the Marvel Comics films coming out this year - "Iron Man," "Incredible Hulk," and "Punisher: War Zone." I'm reserving judgment on "Wanted," based on the series it's developed from; they'll have to SERIOUSLY consider revising the ending.

Ron said...

The Iron Man movie looks really good, but could go the way of Daredevil if they aren't careful. I also think the new Batman is going to be outstanding. Heath Ledger looks like the real deal as the Joker.

I thought about seeing Cloverfield today, but I'm not sure if writing will permit.