Friday, February 15, 2008

Huddle House of the 21st Century

Here in South Carolina, in good ol' nearby Greenwood, there's a Huddle House with a sign that reads, "Wi Fi Ready."

Which begs the question: Who in their right mind is going to take, say, a laptop to a Huddle House?


Jake Palumbo said...

Yes, both "wi-fi" and "Huddle House" are two things that, while helping to make America great, I do believe should be kept seperate but equal.

kooolaidred said...

College students, silly. A lot of times, students at the local university like to mix it up by going out for a night of drinking then head over to the Huddle House for a little after-shots grease to soak up the alcohol and catch a little study time before going to class in three hours.

Oh, and truckers. A lot of truckers have the 'net now and wi-fi will pull them into the parking lot.