Monday, February 18, 2008

A small dose of late night hate

You know what I hate?

How "funny" it is when people refer to a sequel or second volume/installment of something by adding, "Electric Boogaloo." Fuck you, "Breakin'" franchise!!!


Rev. Joshua said...

Hahaha, Jake does that all the time. It's actually an old catchphrase that picked up steam during the Mary Street Era.

Jake Palumbo said...

District Selectman Track 7: "Slingin' Manic II: Electric Boogaloo"

Hahaha why you trying to hate on my style, Nate?

Actually, much as Jo$hua lays claim to Morristown being abbreviated "Motown", meaning slang that was good but was picked up by alot of people and abused into the ground...I lay claim to "Electric Boogaloo." Just like it's not Van Halen's fault that a bunch of shitty guitar bands came along after them trying to emulate and ruined things for everybody...same principle.

Nate said...

No hate. I had just read some disparate movie reviews on different websites - three, in fact - that all had the aforementioned statement. Then, I was trying to read myself to sleep, and during the course of meandering through Chris Jericho's autobio, he made a reference to said statement. I think that was the final straw.