Friday, April 24, 2009

Free Comic Book Day, May 2 2009!

It's almost that time again.

The good thing about FCBD is that a lot of publishers put out books that are jumping off points for major storylines, or alternately, you can find previews of series that you might not have heard much about, or you can sample some of the work coming out from independent publishers (one of my favorite parts about the promotion).

Of course, comic shops usually run sales on other items, like trades or clothing or other merchandise they might deal in (I'm personally hoping for a percent-off sale on mini-busts).

This year's haul sees, among other things:

- The Avengers: Thor and the Dark Avengers (never heard of 'em) trade punches to the head with Norse giant Ymir;
- Blackest Night #0: The set-up to this year's DC "big shit" mega-event;
- Savage Dragon #148: All kinds of good stuff here, including a team-up between Finhead and the Golden Age Daredevil (currently ripping shit up in "Project Superpowers;"
- Anthologies for Transformers/ GI Joe & Alien/ Predator titles

... among other offerings from Archie Comics, Digital Webbing, Shonen Jump, Boom Studios, et al. (No NBM Publishing offering however, which is unfortunate but I'm sure we'll all live to see another sunrise.)

Anyway, hit up your comic shop on the first Saturday this May, and speak on any particular events that happen, if you feel so moved.


Ron said...

I'm a bit occupied that day....

Nate said...

And how so, Captain Cryptic?

(Hopefully something good?)