Sunday, April 26, 2009

My personal summer reading list

This doesn't supersede anything put out by the group, but I wanted to share.

I'm brushing up on my political theory, as you can tell, along with some stuff for the next book project.

Sumer 2009 Reading List (in no particular order)
Marcuse, Herbert – One Dimensional Man
Mill, J. S. – Utilitarianism
Mill, J.S. – The Subjection of Women
Perlstein, Rick – Nixonland
Wood, Gordon – The Purpose of the Past
Oren, Michael – Power, Faith, and Fantasy
Honey, Michael – Walking Down Jericho Road
Descartes, Rene – Discourse on Method and Related Writings
Locke, John – Second Treatise of Government
Whyte, William – The Organization Man
Wilson, Sloan – Man in the Grey Flannel Suit
Mead, Shepherd – How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying
Paine, Thomas – Common Sense
De Spinoza, Benedict - Ethics


Nate said...

Next book project? As in, the first one's done?

Okay, and where can this be picked up?

Ron said...

I'm currently revising to resubmit to the press, so it isn't done at all....but the process is underway.

DAmnNearFonzie said...

Where's that old book review Beauregard?!?!
Sheesh, I'd think you were mimicking me if I didn't know better.

And props on the engagement and wedding date yo.

Nice photos,
Your forehead wrinkles were barely noticable.

Nate said...

Well, well, Ol' Runny Shits himself.

Nah, man, you know I'm just cherkin' your jain. Nothin' but love, props, shoom, HAW!!

Rev. Joshua said...

I think Ron meant that he's in the final stages of having written a whole book, not just a review of a book.

DAmnNearFonzie said...


Ron said...

The jokes just write themselves sometimes.