Friday, May 29, 2009

Candy bar memories

Man, I miss Bar None. That was one damn good chocolate bar.

If I remember correctly, it had two chocolate wafers, chocolate & peanuts in the middle, all surrounded by a chocolate coating. That thing made a bicycle trip to the Lincoln Ave. Grocery all the mo' better, a nice complement to a Saturday lunch of two hot dogs & a Mountain Dew. It was a lunch, I'd like to add, that you could get for under $5.

(I'm surprised I didn't risk a heart attack back then with that combo, like I did years later with a Snickers Cruncher and a Code Red Mountain Dew.)

Also, on the subject of candy that's fondly remembered and sorely missed, there was a Mike & Ike derivative called Cherry & Bub, which were, as you might guess, cherry and bubble gum flavored. There was a convenience store between Newport and Greenville that sold these as late as 2002, and man, I'd buy every box for the trip back to ETSU. I think I was singlehandedly skewing the numbers for the Mike & Ike company; "Gentlemen, we're seeing low numbers for our Cherry & Bub line, all across the board except in one store in Newport, Tennessee. Until those numbers dwindle, let's keep Cherry & Bub in production."

People say it's the olfactory system that results in the strongest memory recall; no doubt that's because the olfactory receptors in the brain are the closest to the forebrain, where research states our memory & recall skills are. However, it seems that taste would produce some kind of powerful recall, given the close physiological association between the nose and mouth structures. There's bound to be some crossover; one general example is, if you've ever smelled something so powerful that you almost experience the sensation of tasting it. Those can be some experiences you never forget.

What was I saying?

Oh, yeah. Hey, Hershey's or Nestle or whoever ... bring back Bar None; surely there's some anniversary or something that you can exploit by bringing it out in a "limited edition" or under a new name or something. I'll watch the cash register displays; don't let me down.

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