Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ken Kennedy released from WWF!

And here's hoping he's bound for TNA.

The oddest part of this is that he just returned last Monday, and even got in the face of the champion & was in the "NBA Finals" main event.

The best part of this is that maybe he can go to TNA (and he shouldn't have a no compete clause ... he was fired) and find success on Christian-level proportions.

The worst part is that for the next week, the news of this release, and comments thereof, will wrap up with the repetition of the last word of the sentence, as if the writer is the only person to think of that.


Rev. Joshua said...

I'm not sure that understand that last graf. Are you saying that people commenting on this will try to be clever by ending a sentence with the same word, like "Ken Kennedy released by the WWE WWE" because Kennedy's name is repetitive?

Ron said...

Or is it because he used to announce himself as Mister Kennedy........Kennedy?"

Nate said...

The latter.

Although, his real name is Ken Anderson. And I think that actually sounds like a better name for his character than the Kennedy persona.

I'd shit gold bricks wrapped in platinum foil if TNA would manage to put Kenwood in a team with the newly signed (allegedly) Elijah Burke, a/k/a Ron "The Truth" Killings to the 3rd power.

Ron said...

From what I understand (and if you want to know the inside secrets of professional wrestling there is a whole board of people who know more than me....) they won't let anyone have the name "Anderson" unless he is supposed to be related to Arn and Ole Anderson. Because, you know, the average wrestling fan has never encountered two people with the last name who weren't related before and obviously don't have the intelligence to discern the difference. Kinda like when Lord Steven Regal's name was changed to William because people might confuse him with Steve Austin.