Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Big Day Tomorrow

It's time for some meetings!

In with the immediate supervisor at 10. He is thinking that it will be about how to make me viable long-term and survive my pending unemployment. I plan to point out that the business can't function without someone in my position. I doubt it will go well...depends on how much I push it.

Much more hopeful day today though. Met with one of the higher ups and gave the soft-sell "keep me in mind should anything come up" line. Don't know if that will do any good. His secretary has been around the company for a long time and suggested two more people to talk to....so there are more leads. Got some very good unexpected news that isn't a steady job, but will kick in an additional grand at the end of June for some freelance work. At this point those funds are earmarked for moving expenses to drag my stuff to where my wife lives.

I'll probably do some regular updates like this for a while. I need an outlet and didn't want it to be facebook, so I'll probably keep the lines heated up for a while until there is a resolution.

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