Monday, April 19, 2010

We may have to change the name of the blog "Employment Gone (Mad)."

The hits just keep on coming at SGM South. Since my last update, the only three applications I still had out (2X in Cincinnati, 1x in Cleveland) were rejected. There have been new postings in Milwaukee and another in Cincy, so I'll do those, but I'm not really getting my hopes up.

Still nothing from the job in the Northeast either, though I'm pretty sure that ship sailed already.

Also nothing from the crew down this way. My immediate supervisor basically told me that I should prepare to be unemployed after June 30. I have meetings scheduled with some friends higher up to try to finagle something that would be a longshot. Still not a dead duck yet

I am also e-mailing a wide range of people who I kind of know who may know people who are willing to fund something short-notice and for not a lot of money. Basically I'm thinking outside of the box and looking to go "off the grid" for a while.

So yeah, this isn't a good time to be Ron Beauregard. A large post on the possibility of unemployment has been percolating in my head for a while and will probably be ready for public consumption soon. At the moment it is bits of sentence fragments and ideas in a notebook. If y'all have Borders Bookstores, you should go and check out their clearance book section. They have these absolutely wonderful little notebooks with elastic closures and durable pages for about $5. They look like the Moleskin ones that are $18. I bought all I could get down here and I have to say the first one has been helping me cope with all that is going on. Also been reading a lot of C.S. Lewis, which has helped me put some things in perspective.


Ron said...

And with that...less than three hours of writing that post one of the "outside of the box" cards suddenly shows promise. Praise the Lord. A little bit of hope goes a long way.

Ron said...

And by the way, the opening line of this post was by no means meant to overlook the fact that the SGM Brooklyn office is doing well at the moment. I thought of that after I posted it, but wanted to clarify here.

Rev. Joshua said...

I can say without hesitation that the SGM Brooklyn office fully understands and sypathizes with the struggles of our SGM Southland offices, as I've been unemployed twice in the past 12 months. I'm pretty fortunate in my current position, that it came about unexpectedly and is a nice job, but I've learned that these things can change abruptly. Fortunately my current employer does not fall into the category of "batshit insane" unlike my previous employer who defined "batshit insane."