Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Down to the wire!

I would like to say that this is exhilarating, but it isn't.

We are going right down to the wire in the Quest for Employment 2009-10. A lot of stuff has happened since the last time, so let's recap:

*The job I interviewed for in the northeast decided to expand the field for on-site interviews from three to five candidates AFTER the first three of us interviewed. Guess they weren't impressed with any of the first three, so probably not going to happen unless bachelors four and five are worse.

*The current place of employment is talking seven-figure budget cuts in operating expenses for the next FY, so it is highly unlikely (though still possible) that I can stay here for another year.

*The hiring director for my DREAM job that I was runner-up for in the fall has agreed to be one of my recommendation writers going forward because he was so "impressed with my work." Too bad he wasn't more impressed than that other person who actually got the job. Still, for him to agree to do that shows there are skills there. It took guts to ask him to write for me.

*I pulled down that other site that I used to update and communicate with you all on for the time being. Don't want to have a meltdown on there over this situation. I'd rather meltdown with y'all.

* To compound matters, my highly qualified spouse is hitting speed bumps in her search. She has a good opportunity that she has interviewed for. That position has one more person to interview this week before they make their decision, which the hiring director said "would be a tough choice."

So basically we are looking at going from highly qualified, up-and-comers to unemployed within a matter of months. The lesson I've always taken from people is that you make your own luck. We all know people who are unemployed and get mired down in it and stay down. I'm not going out like that. So, I am doing a lot of a)praying, b) tree-shaking to hunt for other opportunities, c) applying for part-time jobs to boost the income. At some point this will come's just going to be a bumpy road to get there.

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