Sunday, October 10, 2010

Office Space Bible: The lesson of doubt

Another reading, from the book of Lawrence:

"Said Lawrence to Peter the disciple, 'What say, my brother, see over here, on the ninth channel of the plain, doth not that maiden that checketh her breast resemble Anne, thine betrothed?'

"And Peter strained his eyes westward, and with a defeated sigh stated, 'Yea, though I be not sure.' Lawrence then asked of Peter, 'The maiden Anne, she is still thine betrothed?'

"Peter, half-hearted, replied, 'Yea, though I at times have doubts of her fidelity.'

"And said Lawrence, 'Yea, I know hence of which you speak.'

"Peter, curious now of Lawrence’s wisdom, sought askance of him in his words which he did speak now, with such assuredness.

"Lawrence then spake: 'I know not of any truths, yet does she look like the type of maiden that would just ... uuhh.'

"And, at this, Lawrence observed the change in Peter’s countenance, and he did retract his statement, for the respect of his companion.

Thus ends the lesson.

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