Monday, December 06, 2010

Atlanta Wizard Comic Con was a blast!

[I had the privilege of going to Wizard magazine comic con in Atlanta this past weekend. First of all, I went to the same convention in Chicago a few years back and Chicago blew Atlanta away. But here is my summation of the event in Atlanta. As we enter in a lot of the "celebrities" were already there and some were not. My friend joey and I decided to get in line and wait to see Adam West and Burt Ward. We met this really cool older guy who had an original poster from the batman movie he got off the wall at a bar. We talked about wrestling, batman, women, etc. It was cool. As we are waiting in line for the arrival of the Dynamic Duo, Ernie Hudson, Honky Tonk Man, Iron Shiek, Kevin Nash, and Raven walk by us. It was like I had stepped into a time warp dude!! Of course those guys look rough but hell it was cool

Finally Dynamic Duo arrived and I met them both and get hand shakes and autographs. Afterwards, we walk around and see Henry Winkler, Torrie Wilson, Lita, John Wesley Shipp, Richard Roundtree,, Fred Williamson, Vivica Fox, Pam Grier and others!! It was pretty cool. I was in Geek heaven but could not help feeling sorry for some of them cause they look so rundown and seem to beg for money. Henry Winkler however was cool!! He would talk with you like he has known YOU forever. I was impressed with that.

After walking the floor for a while, we decided to get lunch downstairs at the prestigious SubWay restaurant. As we are eating, in walks Torrie Wilson and Lita. I then proceed to go to them as they were getting their drinks and asked if they still wrestle anywhere and they both said no. They said they got hurt all the time and it was not worth it. I then told them I could not believe they had to come get their own lunch while Adam West and Burt Ward were getting theres brought to them. They laughed. They were cool and Torrie Wilson was FINE!!! Lita not so much!

We then wait in line for a panel with the old dudes- I mean West and Ward. Finally it started and we were on the front row. It was not very informative but West was funny as hell- cracking jokes! They did hint at the upcoming arrival of the classic show on DVD but who knows the validity of that.

All in all, a good experience. I will be there next year and Nate, you are there with us!!!! ]

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Nate said...

Hell yes, you're taking me along next year. Sounds like it was a blast.