Wednesday, March 28, 2007

On the road yet again

I feel like it is 2001 all over again.

Back when I was full time with Office Ghetto, I was asked to travel a lot. In 2001 I believe I actually spent more weeks on the road than at home, but if I didn't it was sure close. Needless to say, a few years in Gainesville have gotten me out of the road-warrior lifestyle, but now I'm back with a vengance.

Friday, I drove from G'ville to the 423 in advance for an interview at a school in the area. Out the door at 5 am, in the 423 by 2. Pretty good time actually. It was a good thing that I have family there, as this school had no concept of the Nascar race at Bristol or the fact that a crowd of 170,000 does not fit well with a region that has tops 15,000 hotel rooms. I guess I would have been staying in the dorm if the family wasn't there.

Weekend was spent working on my interview materials. Monday I interviewed. It went well. Will here from them next week.

Tuesday, it was back to G'ville from the 423. Traffic was slightly worse due to a horrible crash on the opposite side of I-75. Tractor trailer ended up aiming south in the northbound lane and barely resembled a semi by the time I got past it. People have such difficulty driving these days.

Today, and the point of all of this text, I am flying to Minnesota for a conference. It is no secret that I hate to fly. I have even been seeing a "fear and anxiety specialist" to cope with it (my last flight I couldn't get on the plane...ugh). So my beautiful girlfriend takes me to the airport and we leave three hours before the flight heading to JAcksonville, which is one hour from G'ville. All is well through the redneck speed trap towns (which are so bad that AAA has put up billboards saying "Waldo, Speed Trap, 2 miles ahead) and then we hit I-10.




Another horrible wreck that took 3 hours to make up. I missed my flight. I am now sitting in the Jax airport (which thankfully has four pinball machines and free wi-fi) catching up on the blogging and the reading. Fear of flight is still present, but I'm sure I can make it through this time, Lord willing.

Peace out, word to your mother.

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