Tuesday, July 14, 2009

College Football Preview Bonanza!

College Football prognostication is a lot like sex. You don't have to be any damn good at it to enjoy yourself. Not that I would know. Well about the sex I mean. I'm okay at that but my football picks last year sucked. But I had a lot of fun. You get the point.

I'm gonna go ahead and give you a brief rundown of my pre-season top ten as well as my pick for the National Title game in January. Plus my Heisman pick.

1. Florida- This squad returns 11 defensive starters from a national title team that held the mighty Oklahoma Sooners to just 14 points. Plus they got Tebow. That right there makes them number one going into the season in my book. And Athlon Sports' college football preview book as well.

2. Texas- I think they get a slight edge over Oklahoma because I like their toughness on defense. On offense I expect a huge year from Jordan Shipley. Huge. McCoy to Shipley will be the tandem of the year.

3. Oklahoma- I wouldn't expect Sam Bradford to put up the video game numbers he had last year, but I think 13 returning starters from your BCS contenders last year means you have to be in the conversation. Plus a returning Heisman winner.

4. Alabama- Reverend Joshua says that they played over their heads a lot last year but I think they just ran the ball a lot, hit people in the mouth and played tough defense. Really tough defense. They have 9 starters back on a unit that allowed 74.1 yards per game last year.

5. USC- This team was pretty much raped by the NFL Draft. But Southern Cal always has talent to spare. They have to break in a new QB. If he can play decently, they'll cruise.

6. Ohio State- This team is pretty green, especially on offense. With 4 returning starters, you never can be sure. But they have a sophomore Uber-athlete at quarterback. With a season of starts already under his belt. They should take at least a share of the Big Ten.

7. Penn State- This is a pretty good looking team. Tough senior at quarterback and a cupcake schedule means they will spend the season moving up in the polls. At least until November.

8. Oklahoma State- All I'm gonna say here is watch out for this sleeper team. They return 13 players from a year ago. Did they learn how to play defense? Doubtful.

9. Georgia- I've never been a big believer in Georgia but I believe that SOMEBODY has to step up in the SEC east to challenge Florida. And it sure ain't gonna be Tennessee.

10. Oregon- Why not. I like this team because they have cool uniforms and they have a lot of Nike money behind their program. Plus they legitimately believe they're gonna challenge USC for the Pac10 title.

Heisman Winner: I think this is gonna be a tight three way race between Tebow, Bradford, and McCoy. I hate to say this but I'm gonna go with Colt McCoy.

BCS National Championship game: Florida vs. Texas

Texas will win the national championship 24-21

I have looked into the future and this is what I have seen. If you don't like it, feel free to offer an alternative.

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