Friday, April 16, 2010

On the jobless topic

(Should we change the post label to "My Shitty Old Job?")

Totally with Ron on this one. I've done a fair share of shaking the tree lately since losing my position in January, and it's been a fruitless endeavour.

My unemployment, by the numbers:

2 - Degrees I have, in psychology;
4 - Jobs I claim on my resume, since 2000;
5 - Staff I've supervised, in total;
7 - Years (approximate) I spent at my longest tenured job;
10 - Years I've been professionally employed in my chosen field;
6 - Months it took them to fire me at my last job;
4 - Other employees I worked with at the last job - all women;
1 - Number of males who have worked in that office in the last five years ... namely, me.

55 - Workdays that I've been unemployed, to date;
55 - Workdays, since I've filed for unemployment, that I haven't seen my first unemployment check;
9 - Weeks of penalty the state docked me, since I was fired and not let go by reduction in workforce;
3000 - Dollars (approximately) those nine weeks were worth, to my disability account total allotment.

7 - Days before my first interview since my job loss that I was called and informed that budget cuts were closing that job down;
22 - Percent that the department of mental health budget was cut.

1 - Number of interviews that I've actually been invited to;
2 - Number of job positions that I was interviewed for;
3 - Letters of rejection I've received from jobs who only got my application and resume;
27 - Applications that I've submitted since I lost my job.

3:00 - AM, about the time I get to sleep every night since being fired.

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