Wednesday, July 07, 2010

LeBron James can go to hell.

(I wonder if Amare Stoudemire would agree.)

I was chilling out in the doctor's office the other day, the television playing some ESPN sports pundit show in the background. The story of the day was that Stoudemire, formerly of the Phoenix Suns, had signed over his free agent status for a five year stint with the NY Knicks.

Except, that wasn't what the story was about. No, the story was about how this will affect LeBron James, when he goes to sign for a team, now that he's a free agent.

I sat there for a few minutes, listening to what is probably a big day for Stoudemire get roundly de-emphasized for the sake of discussing James, who's probably the biggest non-superstar superstar since ... what, Shawn Kemp? How many championships has James' playing led to?

Not one sentence escaped the telecasters' mouths that did not reference LeBron James in some way. How would Stoudemire's signing help the Knicks secure Lebron? What kind of working relationship do James and Stoudemire have? Are they friends? How would Stoudemire's salary affect the cap that the Knicks have for further signings, specifically if they were looking at Lebron James?

And I thought to myself, who gives a fuck? Lebron James has already proven that he's no Magic, no Jordan, not even a Kobe. If I was Amare Stoudemire, I'd have spent a whole press conference talking about how the Knicks don't need "Queen James" when they have me now, how the Knicks need players that can get them championships, not high-priced prima donnas, and then I'd dedicate myself to getting a college degree so I could be a good role model to the youth, and plus I'd have something to fall back on when I got too old to play basketball, unlike Lebron who tweaks his knee tomorrow and is shit outta luck. Y'know, if I was Amare Stoudemire.

And if I was Lebron James, I would have at least cut an interview that I was proud of Amare for signing with a team that he wanted to play for, as opposed to blurting out a one-off statement about how I didn't give a shit about the dude. His whole big contract signing was marred by your noncommittal dumbass.

So, yeah, fuck you Lebron James. You might able to put a round ball through a metal circle nailed to a stick more times than me, but at least I have integrity. You ain't even got no pancake mix.


Rev. Joshua said...

I don't think it's fair to compare LeBron to Shawn Kemp at this point. Jordan, Magic, and Kobe all had better teams and coaches during their respective runs. That said, this overfocus on LBJ's signing has gotten mad ridiculous, although I'm enjoying the numerous Knicks fans that are dead certain LeBron is going to sign here because there is magic endorsement money in NYC that he can't access in Cleveland even though the difference would be long-term marginal relative to his base contract and current marketing deals, not to mention the difference in what Cleveland is allowed to offer him versus what the Knicks can offer in a max deal.

Buck said...

Reds beat the Mets! Again! Just wanted to get that on here.

Buck said...

I say good for LeBron. The media is eating this story up and he's just self-promoting and hyping his brand like any good business man. As far as the punditry on the teevee goes, that's just piss poor basketball analysis.

Nate said...

Yay, Miami, a winner is you. Another reason to not care about your shitty team. Enjoy your time with Dwayne (excuse me, Dwyane ... guess your mom couldn't spell) Wade, another do-nothing superstar, famous not for his ballplaying but his commercials where he's trying to get in Barkley's Fave Five Circle.

In two to three years, I expect that there'll be heat, alright, on Shaq/Kobe levels. And yet, no championships.