Sunday, September 19, 2010

Nate's Shower Thoughts

This one, after a lengthy time on the road ...

"Signs, signs, everywhere the signs/
Blocking out the scenery, breaking my mind

I don't know when I noticed this, or where, but when did it become okay to cater to the lowest common denominator on our nation's roadways? Or have the nation's roadway safety committees finally thrown their hands up, realized that some people can ace a written test but still have no business being issued a driver's license, so they're taking whatever steps they feel necessary to ensure, as best as possible, a reduction in traffic problems?

Take, for example, the advent of what I call the "upcoming stop sign/ traffic light advisory sign." The sign that tells you that, maybe 10 yards ahead - and often, as I've begun to notice, on a straightaway - you will encounter a stop sign or a traffic light. As if the presence of the stop sign or traffic light weren't enough to warrant attention. As if driver's are so focused and attentive on the road that they would miss the stop sign or traffic light ahead. As if one's attention were so focused on the road they would probably see the stop sign or traffic light ahead, anyway. As if one's attention were so diverted, they probably would pay no attention to a stop sign or traffic light, much less an advisory of same. The next step, then, is clear: an "upcoming stop sign/ traffic light advisory sign advisory sign."

Then, one of my favorites lately has been the "DO NOT PASS ON SOLID YELLOW LINE" sign. Basic Driving 101. Wouldn't the DMV be covered on any liability if they just added this to the test? Shit, it's in the book. I've had my driver's license for almost twenty years, and yet I think I could still guide you the page where this rule is covered.

This fucking world ....

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